Estate Sales

Our Mission:

Simply put, we provide the best estate sales service in the area- we will address all concerns and questions selling your estate items PLUS save you time and frustration in the process.

  • The best prices paid on your items
  • Free consultation
  • Arrange for charitable donations
  • We're highly recommended by our clients
  • New Items weekly
  • Yes, we also clean up

Never an "Out-of-Pocket" Expense

All costs associated with the sale are paid by us, including: Advertising, Staffing, Supplies, Marketing, and Signage

Our Services Include, but are Not Limited  to:

Set up the Premises

We provide tables and display cases for maximum visual appeal. We clean, polish, and organize the house and items.


Advertise the Sale

Our extensive advertising reaches out to our network of buyers from all over the state. We use handouts of upcoming sales, newspaper ads, an information phone line, the Internet, street signs, and a mailing list.


Conduct the Sale

Your sale is conducted in a professional and courteous manner, with multiple estate sale personnel throughout the home. Professional Secruity personnel is provided when applicable.


Funding and Documentation

Funds and a detailed printout of items sold will be delivered to you within 7 days of the sale.


Complete Cleanup of the Premises Following the Sale

Items not sold will be boxed up and donated to the charity of your choice. We'll leave the house "broom clean" and ready to show to prospective buyers.


Why use a 3rd Party?

Do I really need someone else to conduct the sale for me?

Consider this:

  1. Time- it will take a considerable amount of time to organize a successful sale
  2. Pricing- a wide range of knowledge & research will be needed to price antiques, collectibles, and everyday household items.
  3. Equipment & Supplies-tables & tables covers, chairs, display cases, lighting (for dimly lit rooms), dolly (for moving furniture), calculator, cash box, cash (for change), tax id forms (for antique dealers), packing material, labels for pricing, receipt books, cleaning supplies, supplies for repairs and touch ups, poster board, markers, stakes, tapes, stapler...
  4. Experience & Knowledge- placing ads, contacting antique dealers, best times and days to hold the sale, city laws regarding sales, and displaying items for maximum visual appeal
  5. Staffing the Sale- moving furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, arranging and pricing of items, stationed workers for most rooms (for security purposes)
  6. Working the Sale- selling, negotiating with dealers, strangers, even neighbors and family
  7. Detachment- selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult

Knowledge is the Conerstone to Realizing the Highest Prices for Your Items. Our staff brings 38 years of experience as Professional Estate Liquidators and Personal Property Appraisers.


You will be amazed at what people want to buy. They will buy everything and anything including: Clothes, Linens, Paper Items and Brochures, Garage Items, Trinkets, Kitchen Items and even things that are broken.

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